Check this talk at the Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program at Duke University about my recent findings on the adverse effects of small plastics on a fish model.

I will discuss how plastics accumulate in adult and embryonic fish, their potential impacts on key physiological systems, and if they can reach the gonads in adults and get into their offspring!

I will then explore the interaction of small plastic particles with other environmental pollutants such as PAHs and how this can modulate the toxicity of complex mixtures of pollutants.

Lastly, I will address how climate change can potentiate the adverse effects of small plastic on the energy metabolism of developing fish.

Do you speak Portuguese and would like to know about my work on the impacts of plastics to aquatic organisms? And what about my experience as a postdoc and Research Scientist at Duke University (US)?

You can find all of that at this talk, in Portuguese, available online on Youtube! Just skip it to minute 14!

More resources to be added soon

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